Benefits Enjoyed By Our Clients

Corporate Tax Savings

> RM80,000,000

Green Income & Savings



Electricity Savinng


Government Incentive

> RM6,000,000 

Green Energy Generation

Powering ~121,000 residential houses/year

CO2 Reduction

>3,000 cars driven


Solar Net Energy Metering (NEM)

The concept of solar NEM is that the energy produced from the solar PV system installed will be consumed first, and any excess to be exported and sold to the distribution licensee (such as TNB) at the prevailing Displaced Cost prescribed by the Energy Commission.

How NEM Works

The solar energy generated will be consumed by your building first and the excess energy will be exported into the national grid to offset your TNB bill.

The excess energy will be recorded in credit form by a bi-directional meter and the energy credit will then be offset on a 1 to 1 ratio per kWh unit. The validity period for this energy credit is 12 months.

NEM Eligibility

Registered consumers of Tenaga Nasional Malaysia (TNB) in Peninsular Malaysia.

-Not blacklisted (No outstanding bill & meter tampering)

Open to all categories of TNB consumers under the following tariff*:

a) Domestic/Residential (Kediaman)

b) Commercial (Komersial) [inclusive of government buildings]

c)Industrial (Perindustrian)

d) Agriculture (Pertanian) Effective from 1st January 2019

* Refer to TNB consumers electricity tariff

The resource for producing electricity shall be from  Solar Photovoltaic (PV) only

Source: Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia

Available Green Incentives in Malaysia

What you need to know about Government Green Incentive for
Commercial, Industrial and Agriculture Customer

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