Net Energy Metering

Paving the Path to Greener Home

Under the NEM Rakyat Program, Domestic Customers are allowed to install solar PV system on their house rooftop and consume the solar energy during day time. Shall there be any excess of solar energy, it will be exported to the TNB grid. TNB then will provide credits for such excess energy and it may be used to offset part of the electricity bill on a “one-on-one” basis for a period of ten (10) years of operation.

Quota Allocation

100 MWac on first come first serve basic

Validity: 2021-2023

Eligibility Criteria

1) Registered customer of TNB in Peninsular Malaysia

2) Domestic customer who have not participated in any solar scheme before like FIT, NEM 1.0 & NEM 2.0.

Single phase Home

Maximum Allowed Capacity: 4kWac


Maximum Allowed Capacity: 10kWac

Pathgreen Energy Home Solar Package

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Package B
Package C
Package D
Package E

Pathgreen Energy Worry-Free Key Benefits

Product Warranty

Up to 25 years Product Warranty

Performance Guaranteed

System lifetime shared-risk peace of mind through Pathgreen’s comprehensive operations & maintenance package

Workmanship Warranty

1 year workmanship warranty with 3 years free maintenance service and dedicated 365-day Customer Service & Technical Support Centre

Peace of Mind

Leave it all to Pathgreen Energy. You just enjoy the energy saving and safe investment

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