Pathgreen Energy

Providing the best design and features combined together

We are the leading solar rooftop company in Malaysia, paving the way to achieving environmentally sustainable wealth for our clients, caring for our team members and stakeholders, while preserving the world for the future generations.

Our BeST Services – Beyond Engineering, Shared and Trusted


BeST Income Maximising

Solar System


BeST Shared Risk Solar Management


BeST Solar Asset Management System


BeST Cost Reduction Energy Efficiency Services

Solar investment last for 25 years and more, when our Clients invest in Pathgreen’s BIMS Solar Plant, they are assured that our team of dedicated Professionals will deliver a robust, efficient and reliable product with our BSRM excellent customer care to ensure a LONG and PROFITABLE return

The Secret of Pathgreen Philosophy

We believe in being


Pathgreen adheres to standard codes of practices with the expertise, knowledge and necessary competency skills to perform our projects


Pathgreen is a fast mover to tap into niche market


Pathgreen treats all of our clients, vendors and staff with high respects


Pathgreen upholds honesty and good moral standards in all of our business dealings

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