Renewable Energy Solutions Provider

Income Maximising Solar PV System (IMSP)

Solar investment last for 25 years and more, when our Clients invest in Pathgreen’s IMSP Solar Plant, they are assured that our team of dedicated Professionals will deliver a robust, efficient and reliable product with our Shared Risk Solar PV Management (SRSM) excellent customer care to ensure a LONG and PROFITABLE return.

Benefits Enjoyed By Our Clients
SEDA Malaysia Registered Service Provider

PATHGREEN has extensive experience and the required skills and capabilities to deliver Renewable Energy (RE) projects i.e. On-grid, Off-grid and Net Energy Metering; and is able to provide end-to-end scope of work;

  1. Project initiation & Feasibility study
  2. Detailed engineering design
  3. Project planning
  4. Procurement management
  5. Project & Construction management
  6. Installation Verification
  7. Testing & Commissioning
  8. Shared Risk Solar PV Management (SRSM)
  9. Green Business Facilitation
Fully Automated Mobile Monitoring
Total Energy Solution Provider
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